For over a decade, Attorney Edward Estrada has aggressively fought for his clients’ rights in courtrooms throughout East Texas. His never-back-down approach has earned him countless victories in court.

Edward has been a guest speaker at legal education seminars teaching other lawyers specific legal practice areas.

Additionally, because of his work, Edward Estrada has been named:

  • One of Texas’ top 10 attorneys by the American Journal of Criminal Law Attorneys
  • One of the ‘40 under 40’ in the American Institute of Legal Counsel
  • A “Rising Star” in Texas Monthly Magazine in 2022

A Bilingual Attorney Protecting Your Right To Be Heard

Estrada Law is known for focusing on the collateral consequences that crime has on immigration law. If a non-citizen is convicted of a crime, their immigration status can be jeopardized. We’re here to help.

Edward Estrada is a bilingual attorney and works with both English and Spanish speaking clients to build a solid case defending their rights and refuting the details of the case. His goal is to help everyone charged with a crime receive the fair treatment they deserve.

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